Hours & Prices

The Skate Hard park is open 5 days a week,

Wednesday through Sunday from 12pm (noon) till 8pm.
Closed Monday and Tuesday

The cost to skate is $2 per day.

There will be occasions where the night does not end at 8pm, there is no fee for late night sessions.

Private park rentals are available, contact us for more info.

The indoor Skate Hard park is located in Idaho Falls. We are open 5 days a week to the public, the other two days are for private sessions, filming, etc. Skate Hard is a skateboard park ONLY! Anything other than a skateboard is not allowed in the park.

The park was designed and built by a group of veteran skaters that have decades of experience. The park has many features and a little bit for everyone. Street style stuff, ramps, hips, banks, rails and yes, vert!

Download the waiver and have it completed. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must complete and sign the waiver. Waiver Download Here.

All skaters must have a signed waiver, waivers are valid for one calendar year. No exceptions!

             Skatepark questions & answers

1)Why aren't scooters & bikes allowed?It is a very simple answer, all of the owners are skaters, the park was built for skateboarding.

2)Do I have to wear pads and a helmet?Skaters under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. Wearing pads and a helmet is a good idea, skateboarding is dangerous but pads are up to you as is a helmet if you are 16 and over.

3)Can I rent the park for a private session?Yes, contact us for more info.

4)Can I film at the park?Yes

A skatepark for skaters!